Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wisconsin’s economic recovery has begun

Wisconsin’s economic recovery has begun - BizTimes

Discuss: Implications for Gov. Race.

P.S. Here is the Wisconsin unemployment trend in perspective. Unemployment is not necessarily the best indicator of economic recovery, but is certainly not irrelevant to the question.


  1. If true -- and I stress if -- the news would seem to do a lot of damage to Scott Walker's argument against accepting stimulus funds. It would also seem to discredit the notion that the Wisconsin has such an off-putting business environment.

    Basically, good economic news puts Walker in something of a bind since he's banking on voter resentment over economic troubles.

    Put voters has to start seeing tangible signs in their own lives that the economy is recovering. The examples Jagler cites are all success stories, but few people are apt to start declaring the economy in recovery until they see it with their own eyes.

    Also, if this is a trend, Wisconsin can start to see fewer "tea parties."

  2. The job reports that are given in this article are something that the Dems need to stress in their gubernatorial run. I think it's a common conception that Reps are typically better on economic issues and the economic is what will be running this campaign. Scott Walker barely talks of anything else except jobs, and government spending. The few speeches I've heard given by him have almost completely touched on things that are related to the economy. And rightly so - that is what is on people's minds all throughout the nation.

    People are not happy with direction this state and country is headed. The Dems have been blasted on both levels for not creating jobs and only creating more debt for Americans. They must exhibit success stories like these before the Reps take advantage of the high taxes, high spending, and low economic growth that has come under their administration.


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