Saturday, January 23, 2010

Obama Calls Team From 2008 for Races in Fall

Obama Calls Team From 2008 for Races in Fall -

Plouffe Op-Ed in Washington Post

Too late to get started on this? How about in November after the VA and NJ elections?

Discuss: How much can be done at this point and from a DC center rather than locally? Is it too late for candidate recruitment? Does success in 2008 mean Plouffe is equally adept at state races in 2010? If you are a Rep, what do you do next? If you are a Dem what do you do?

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  1. I think for either party, elections need to be handled through the National Committee, and NOT the White House. I am sure that Mr. Obama has many issues he needs to address right now (whatever side of the spectrum you are on, you can undoubtably think of many of them), and I do not think that a national elections should be one of those concerns. Stops to give speeches at campaigns are perhaps the furthest candidates should go in my opine, no matter what party. I think that the White House will continue to gain negative press if it has another folly like in Massachusetts.

    I think that Plouffe will be a great asset for the Democrats. His fundraising abilities and knowledge of new media were unparalleled in 2008 and his tactics should bode well for him in 2010. Hopefully he can advise campaigns for candidates who were just as charismatic as Mr. Obama. He also needs to find a way to defend policies of the Administration that have been unfavorable such as the stimulus (56 percent according to a new CNN poll), his newly proposed regulations of the banks, health care (50.8 percent oppose while only 41.2 percent favor according to digit unemployment, etc. The 'Bush Blame Game' that the Obama team successfully used to their advantage in 2008 will not have the same appeal now that it did then.

    I think Republicans just need to continue to show that excessive government control is not working to produce things like jobs and a better economy, and that spending needs to be significantly reduced. The Bush Administration and Republicans in Congress clearly lost sight of fiscal conservatism - they need to return to this pillar of their platform in order to do well in 2010. They also need to show that government is not the solution, it is the problem. This has been proved in many ways by the Obama Administration, and Republicans should make notes of these instances.


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