Monday, January 11, 2010

Midterm talking points

A nice article by Ron Brownstein with talk from David Axelrod with the Dem view.

National Journal Online - White House Readies Aggressive Midterm Push

A three short comments from the power house team at Public Opinion Strategies expressing the evidence for the Republicans:

On GOP Message

On Gloomy data for Dems

On Obama approval and the midterms

Discuss: Given the history of midterms, can a presidential party talk its way out of a midterm referendum? If the economy grows in the first three quarters, will that upset Republican campaign plans based on a "failure" of the Dem/Obama stimulus efforts? If you were a Rep strategist, what would your fallback be if GDP grows 4%? If you were a Dem strategist, what would your fallback be in GDP declines in the 2nd quarter suggesting a "double dip" recession?

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