Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Media and Campaigns

You are insane if you are in politics but not following this carefully. You are missing a huge opportunity if you are not actively participating in it. Both parties have exciting developments so there is room for everyone to find a niche and play.

How the Republicans Won the Internet--Washington Post


  1. It was very interesting watching people 're-tweet' significant happenings and ways they could help the Brown campaign. For instance, there was a link I saw that I saw which was posted on Twitter, that allowed for people to phone bank from their homes any where in the United States. All they had to do was sign up through an online forum. I guarantee you that the word would not have been released that quickly without social media. And while phone banking may be 'old', it was still fascinating that I had the opportunity to assist that CRUCIAL race from the comfort of my home. Technology has truly changed the rules of the game.

    Like the article said though, you cannot just rely on technology. Being from northern Wisconsin, I know well that not everyone has high speed internet or even access to the internet (gasp!). Typically, these are the older people who I believe have traditionally turned out to the polls in pretty high numbers. Even people like my 50 year-old father, who uses email frequently, knows nothing about Twitter or Facebook. Those voting groups must be kept in mind as well!

    This is really extraordinary stuff though. I'm excited to see what both sides bring to the 2012 elections.

  2. I think that Scott Walker's website is living proof of this article. If you haven't had a chance, go and check it out at
    The website is bascially a networking machine- there is even an application to make your own individual pro-Walker website called "MyScottSpot" where you can link up with others. Mayor Barrett is at a disadvantage if he doesn't jump on this technological bandwagon.


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