Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Becoming Obama's Voice

Obama speechwriter Ben Rhodes is penning a different script for the world stage - washingtonpost.com

This is a nice biographical look at how you can work in the west wing in 10 years.

Discuss: How big a role do the social advantages of being from the upper east side play? Did attending Rice take Rhodes off the fast track compared to attending an Ivy? How did he get his start in DC and why did that work for him? Is his policy knowledge deep enough? If you are Rhodes, why do you not want this story to appear, and why do you want it? (There is a West Wing episode on the perils of notoriety for staffers, if you want some entertainment.)

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  1. If I were Rhodes, I would be concered about the references to Obama using speeches to get out of tight policy corners. People will begin to tune out the words that they perceive to be hollow, which defeats the purpose of speechwriting.


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