Thursday, May 27, 2010

PS544: Charles Booth's map of London poverty

A good color reproduction of Booth's map is available from the University of Michigan here.

My favorite spot when in London is Half Moon Street, just north of Green Park, next door to Buckingham Palace. Shockingly the Queen has not invited me to come over for tea.  Not exactly a neighborhood of poverty in those days or these.

A very pretty large scale version of a segment of the map is here.

You can also see and download several of Booth's volumes at Google Books. Here is one.

Here are two of Booth's earliest reports presented to the Royal Statistical Society. (These are at JSTOR so you will need access to link to the articles.)  Article 1 and Article 2

A slightly later address by Booth to the Royal Statistical Society is here. (Also JSTOR.)


  1. i interned in London last semester and lived in Redcliffe which is close to Kensington Park. my workplace is very close to the Buckingham Palace and the victoria station is the place i went to everyday. i was surprised to notice the grey areas near the station because the people lead a very comfortable life there. anyway, it is very interesting to know that and i miss London!

  2. Sunny-- Amen. I used to teach in the UK every summer and spend weekends in London. I did research at the National Archives all day then loved wandering London in the evenings. Still have a coffee card for the shop at the end of Half Moon street. Alas, I gave up the teaching to be here in the summers.


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