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Palin returns to work, defends decision to resign: Gov. Sarah Palin |

Palin returns to work, defends decision to resign: Gov. Sarah Palin |

When you want to learn about a national politician, it is good to go to their home-state papers. The Anchorage Daily News has had superb coverage of Governor Palin since before she was the VP nominee. Last summer it was great to read accounts of her performance as governor that were written prior to the glare of the national media (and the distortion that brings-- both pro and con) and stories written before the reporters had a clue she would become a national figure.

Now in the wake of her resignation announcement, it is good to go back to those who know her best for the local story.


  1. It still doesn't seem wise to step down from a leadership role simply because you are being criticized and investigations are costing the state a lot of money. Too admit that the state is better off with a different person in charge seems to basically admit that someone else could do a better job than her. If she was constantly being questioned and criticized as president of the US, would she simply step down and let her VP take over because she believed he/she would to better? I would hope not.

    As far as the numbers with the polls at the end, they are no surprise to me. I think that 70 percent of people did not change their opinion about her because so many have made their mind up about her one way or another. There are not many people out there that are on the fence if they support her or not.

    - Luke D

  2. I really shake my head at politicans who fail to fulfill 1) a term and 2) their campaign promises. Let's not forget Gov. Palin has barely been in office for at least half the term. If I was a resident in the State of Alaska, I'd be extremely disappointed. Gov. Palin is just two years fresh off the camapaign trail where she promised to fulfill certain obligations as the State of Alaska's next governor.

    Not only did she fail to do complete a term and achieve campaign goals but she is making the American people a little apprehensive about her motives. She has shown herself to be one that cannot complete what she starts. I truly hope she does not have any intentions in standing on the presidential platform in 2012. This resignation is not a good way to show her commitment to a position nor to her constituents.

    Ashley B.

  3. The coverage from the Anchorage newspaper seems to have a more neutral tone then most of the big media networks, other then Fox News. However, I have to argue that this resignation will ultimately end any Presidential ambitions held by Gov. Palin. The rationale offered did not seem as substaintial as the Republican party is trying to show the American people. Also, the article from the Anchorage paper discussed the possibility of a pending law-suit unknown the public. If something like this were to come to the surface, good thing Palin already took her book deal and can milk her short lived time in the spot light for what it's worth.

    As for American's opinions staying seemingly the unchanged, many do not seem to unstand the magnitude of her decision. Although on the surface her intentions seem true and pure (for a normal individual, not a politician) there must be something lingering below the surface to allow Palin to make such a dramatic decision.

    In the end. Only time will tell.

    Gena W.

  4. Sarah Palin again, I feel is hurting her chances agaian. So more power to her, keep running away from the media. Here is the thing, the complaints on ethics, and political savvy are all things that politicians need to be able to fight; think Hillary Clinton would have cared oabout people being mean? I feel that this just rings the bell in that Palin is not ready for presidency; governor as she is, she is not ready for this. Politics as usual is where people duck media and cannot respond effectively without commenting ontheir situation as a victim. Barack takes it all in stride and continues to work through the poor ethics of some.
    The next time a presidential candidate backs out because they are sad, is the time they should realize, "this ain't for me".
    I am not any of those things she aspired to be somy opinion can be flawed.

  5. I think Governor Palin’s resignation and her reasons for doing so show that she is unable to handle the pressure of being in the national spotlight. Like Luke D. said, Palin basically admitted that someone else is better suited for her job. Yet, she then says that running for the presidency is not in her “immediate future.” Does that mean it is in her more distant future? Say, three years? If she plans on doing so, she better prepare a lot more than she did for the Vice Presidency because, unlike Barack Obama, Palin falters when things do not progress exactly as expected (or exactly as scripted).
    -Sarah K.

  6. First off, I would like to say how disturbing it is that such a high number already (even after this "scandal" of a resignation) project themselves voting for her in the future for a presidential election. It is perplexing how a public "celebrity" in ways seem to be so quickly forgiven (not to be confused with being followed by cameras and paparazzi less)for the mistakes they make, it seems, so that they can continue to entertain us in the future. Althought there is plausible arguments that may say the same about Obama and JFK in the ways in which their personalitites helped them siginificantly in the polls, I think it is important to note that none had had the track record of Gov. Palin.

    In regards to what's in the cards for Palin, I would project that, as mentioned in the article, that she will write/publish a book proceeded by a book/pre-campaigning tour to discuss her "life" and the "changes" that she has had to deal with. Palin is most certainly not finished with politics. The next step in my opinion: senator. I believe her name within the state is enough that she may infact be able to win another office. Whether or not she runs for president in the future will rest on whether she can rise out of the hole she has dug herself, which I guess from some of these paper's stats, has not been dug unbearably deep. Another idea that wouldn't surprise me would be her decision to run for office under the Independent ticket. But I hope that the US in the end knows how to steer clear of a has-been and adopt a more media-neutral politician to focus their energy on.

  7. I thought that the Anchorage Daily News did a good job in this article of covering all angles of the Palin story. They presented her reason of government waste and an inability to effectively run the country because of the media spotlight on her, but then also offered several other possible motives for her resignation. With a book deal, a potential presidential run, and also possible legal troubles it seems that the situation is far from black and white.

    Also, from the Alaskan perspective, the reader gets insight into the race for governor in 2010, while the national media focuses almost entirely on Palin’s plans for 2012. It will be interesting to see how harshly the Alaskan voters respond to Palin’s resignation, and if the Republican party will be hurt as a result.

    -Paul L.

  8. It seems suspicious that she decided to resign with only 16 months left on her term. She uses the excuse that the media has become too distracting for her to continue governing. However she ran for Vice President and that was not too distracting? It seems she is covering up more than usual, and I think when a new administration is elected the truth for her stepping down will come out. Apparently she is a popular figure in Alaska, with many people wanting to meet her and take her picture. It will be interesting to see if a Democrat is elected and whether the Alaskan Republicans will try and distance themselves from Palin as the GOP did with Bush. I feel like she is setting herself up to run in 2012, but I would rather see a qualified woman run for President like Hillary Clinton, rather than a celebrity from Alaska. I am sure her book will be a bestseller, because people are always fascinated with fame.

  9. It's ironic to me that Palin claimed that part of the reason she was stepping down was because she's getting consumed by a political climate that she considers vicious, but hasn't she always been quick to criticize her opponents? The article states above how she was critical of Obama, and the Vanity Fair article about her shows just how vicious she can be. Also, I thought it was interesting that 53% felt her media coverage was unfair. I agree with this somewhat, as tabloids and entertainment news programs have been spinning unfair stories on her, and late night comedians have been taking some unfair jabs at her and her family, namely the war of words Palin had with Letterman through the media a couple months ago. However, I think she is a women that knows how to utilize the media to her best advantage. She's the Queen of PR, posing for pictures in waders and boosting her "Average Joe" appeal. Also, like previous posts have mentioned, this is a great time for her new book to come out, however true the details in it may be, because she can craft an image of herself and shape the way the American people perceive her right before an election. I agree with Bethany W. that if Palin does continue on the political career path, her next step might be a seat in the U.S. Senate. Although, in the article Palin mentioned fighting for Alaska on the outside of the government, perhaps alluding to her future plans and meaning that she's not going to run for any sort of office or take any government position. I agree with Luke D. that claiming to be stepping down because someone else could do a better job than her is a poor move politically if she plans to further her career in politics. I also agree with Ashley B. and most of the comments above that it's disappointing to see her step down and leave empty promises as this doesn't help build voters' confidence in Palin. It will be interesting to see what exactly her plans are for the future.

    - Leslie W.


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