Sunday, May 3, 2009

After the Recession

Obama on what comes next

"But part of the problem that we’ve got right now is that what it means to have graduated from high school, what it means to have graduated from a two-year college or a four-year college is not always as clear as it was several years ago.

And that means that we’ve got to — in our education-reform agenda — we’ve got to focus not just on increasing graduation rates, but we’ve also got to make what’s learned in the high-school and college experience more robust and more effective."

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  1. I agree that education is one of the single most important driving force to our society. With that said, it is not only the degree that matters, but the quality of education. It is hard to regulate how well children are being taught in schools (as displayed by NCLB), but a way to ensure that people who are being awarded a diploma deserve it. When I hear about people who graduate from high school with a GPA that is lower than C average, it kind of upsets me. I am happy that they have a better chance at getting a job now, but this does not help the economy. Sure they have a degree now, but they have not learned the skills needed to do their job very well. Simply awarding these degrees won't keep us in front of India and China.

    It is a hard topic and a tough problem to solve, but something must be done to not only award a diploma, but to actually educate the children to the needed level.

    Luke D


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